Holland Thomas specialise in staff and personal safety solutions.

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Hol­land Thomas enhance our clients’ physical, emotional and psychological well­be­ing through safety and security ini­tia­tives. We deliver the sup­port, knowl­edge, skills, and train­ing to pre­pare you to man­age the personal safety and secu­rity challenges in your life.

Aged Care

When supporting clients in HACC, CACP, EACH, EACHD and other community programs, support workers are often working alone in uncontrolled workplaces and are faced with unique safety challenges that they would not encounter in an organisational setting. Holland Thomas provide ...

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Disability workers who support their clients in the client's home may be exposed to safety challenges from the client, members of the client's family or other persons in the home. For the benefit of you and the people you support, Holland Thomas provide ...

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Mental Health

Outreach services is a growing area of support for persons living with mental health in Australia. Many organisations provide services for their clients away from an organisational setting such as in the client’s home. Unfortunately this may expose staff to safety challenges, particularly when only one staff member is present. Holland Thomas provide ...

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Great strategies for keeping safe and redirecting threatening and aggressive behaviours.
Kerry C, Team Leader